How to Choose the Configuration System for an Intelligent Connected Greenhouse?

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Update time : 2023-03-17 10:49:40
How to Choose the Configuration System for an Intelligent Connected Greenhouse?
An intelligent greenhouse, also known as a connected or modern greenhouse, is an advanced type of facility agriculture that has a comprehensive environmental control system. Using this system, various factors such as temperature, light, water, nutrients, and gases can be directly adjusted, enabling high yields, steady and refined vegetables and flowers throughout the year, and good economic benefits.
So, how to choose the configuration system when building an intelligent greenhouse? Sunmax Greenhouse provides the following suggestions for your reference.
    Shading System
The intelligent greenhouse adopts an integrated structure, and an automated shading system that can open and close is installed at the top or bottom of the greenhouse.
    The shading system can be divided into two types based on the driving method: gear-rack drive system and steel wire pull system.
    The shading system can be divided based on the installation position into top external shading system, internal shading system inside the greenhouse, and wall-mounted roller shading system.
The greenhouse shading system can be divided into different types based on the shading material used, such as circular black mesh, aluminum foil inner mesh, fully transparent high-insulation mesh, aluminum foil black and white mesh, etc.
Ventilation system
    The forced ventilation system uses ventilation fans and wall-mounted fans to achieve efficient air exchange. The number and power of the ventilation fans and wall-mounted fans should be reasonably configured according to the size and usage requirements of the intelligent greenhouse to ensure the circulation of indoor air and stable air quality.
    The ventilation system of the intelligent greenhouse should have automatic control function, which can be intelligently adjusted based on parameters such as indoor temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide concentration to ensure the stability and optimization of the internal environment of the greenhouse.
    The forced ventilation system generally refers to the negative pressure fan drawing air out, taking away the indoor hot air, while the outdoor air is evaporatively cooled by a water curtain wall and then enters the shed to achieve the effect of ventilation and air exchange.
The indoor circulating fan, also known as a turbulence fan, drives air circulation in the shed to simulate the effect of outdoor gentle breeze blowing.
Temperature Control System
The cooling system of the temperature control system can be solved through the ventilation system, while the heating system chooses suitable heating equipment according to local conditions. If it is an intelligent connected greenhouse used as a spring and autumn cold shed, it may not need a heating system.
    The heating system can be divided into coal-fired boilers, gas boilers, electric heating boilers, and air source heat pump systems according to the heat source.
According to the indoor heat dissipation method, there are water pipe heat dissipation methods, which generally refer to circular finned tubes, and hot air heat dissipation methods.
Intelligent Control System
The intelligent control system consists of mobile and computer software, an outdoor weather station, and sensors for temperature, light, and humidity indoors.
The control system of an intelligent greenhouse mainly falls into four categories. Depending on the planting requirements for year-round cultivation or spring and autumn planting, a suitable configuration of the system and appropriate model materials can be choosed. It is not necessary to use all the systems together, as it will only increase investment and later maintenance costs.
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