The maintenance methods and characteristics of a multi-span film greenhouse

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Update time : 2023-03-19 16:02:18
The maintenance methods and characteristics of a multi-span film greenhouse:
A multi-span film greenhouse is not a traditional single greenhouse, but a large greenhouse composed of multiple single greenhouses connected together. The reasonable design of connecting the original independent greenhouses with the original single-room greenhouses increases the insulation area and improves the performance of the greenhouse. The larger the insulation ratio, the better the insulation performance of the greenhouse.
Routine maintenance of a film greenhouse
The routine maintenance of a film greenhouse mainly involves repairing the framework structure. For the covering material, the main goal is to improve its resistance to breakage, aging, wind, and sun exposure, and achieve transparent heat insulation. Therefore, reinforcement measures should be taken, and any leaks should be promptly repaired.
After long-term use of a greenhouse, the film will accumulate dust, significantly reducing its light transmittance. Therefore, it is necessary to periodically clean the film of the continuous film greenhouse based on the pollution situation in each area to maintain its light transmission ability. This is especially important for plastic greenhouses in winter, particularly during early spring when the temperature is low. The film should be cleaned during sunny midday and in the afternoon when the temperature is higher.
When cleaning the film layer of a continuous film greenhouse, a homemade long soft-bristled brush can be used. A hose with pressurized water can be used to spray the top of the greenhouse, and cleaning can be done while standing on a triangular ladder or scaffolding.
During the use of a greenhouse, if the film becomes loose, it may sway up and down in the wind, causing damage to the film. If the film is found to be loose, it should be tightened and installed in a timely manner. Over long-term use, film rupture is unavoidable, but it should be repaired promptly. Patching methods can be used for special plastic patches, or a new film can be applied within a certain range.
The two main advantages of a connected thin film greenhouse
  1. Simple structure: Because the plastic greenhouse is a solid membrane system, the covering material and other relatively simple installation requirements are its characteristics. Ordinary hot-dip galvanized steel plate or light steel load-bearing structure, using galvanized soft steel, is generally used and the structure is more suitable. The greenhouse is mainly composed of steel frame pillars, four beams, a dome pole, a top pole, beams, bracket characters and other roof gutters, which are used as longitudinal rod components at the top of the braces, greatly simplifying the structure and reducing the amount of steel required. At the same time, when the covering material is not mechanically connected to the roof, the roof only bears the weight load and positive wind pressure, transferring the wind pressure to the roof gutters and columns, greatly optimizing the stress of the greenhouse structure.
  1. Flexible in size and diverse in variety: Due to the structural characteristics of multi-span greenhouses and the development of large multi-span film greenhouses, as well as factors such as regional and customer demand, countries all over the world produce and promote plastic greenhouses according to their own standards. As a result, a large number of plastic film greenhouse products with different forms and specifications have been developed, such as arched greenhouses with different spans, heights, and roof shapes, double-arch point greenhouses, zigzag greenhouses, small-arch point greenhouses, and so on. Due to this reason, it is difficult to generalize and describe the individual size of plastic greenhouses so far. The span and spacing can be flexibly designed according to customer requirements to meet the design needs of different terrain sizes.
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