Several greenhouse types and prices of glass greenhouses

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Update time : 2023-03-17 09:22:46
Several greenhouse types and prices of glass greenhouses
When we inquired about the cost of greenhouses for some facilities, we directly warmed up the cost of glass greenhouses per square meter. This would be very one-sided, because glass greenhouses have developed several common structures after nearly ten years of extension. Today, sunmax greenhouse will share with you several common types of greenhouse structures and the approximate cost reference range.
  1. All-glass greenhouse
1. The all-glass greenhouse refers to the greenhouse style that uses professional aluminum alloy herringbone profiles and single-layer tempered glass as the covering material on the top. This is also one of the conventional glass greenhouse structures. This kind of structure has a simple structure and a relatively economical cost. The gutter of the greenhouse is made of bent galvanized iron plates.
2. Hollow toughened glass is mostly used around, and 5mm toughened transparent colored glass is mostly used on the top. The thickness of the gutter is more than 2.5mm.
3. The reference range of the steel structure of the all-glass greenhouse and the cost of the system is between $48 to 58/square meter (the single area is not less than 1,500 square meters)
B. PC sheet-glass greenhouse
1. PC means polycarbonate sheet, it’s a plastic transparent board with a hollow structure. The high-quality polycarbonate board is light, the heat insulation effect is same with hollow glass, and it has strong hail resistance. The sheet panels on the top use iron girders, which are different from the aluminum alloy girders on the top glass.
2. The top polycarbonate board also has the disadvantage that it is difficult for customers to distinguish the quality of the sun board. If the sun board with poor quality is used for three to five years, it will turn yellow and affect the planting.
3. The steel structure of pc board glass greenhouse and the reference range of the cost of the greenhouse between $44~$55 /square meter (the single area is not less than 1500 square meters)
C. All-glass greenhouse with aluminum alloy gutter
Aluminum alloy gutter glass greenhouse is the Dutch model glass greenhouse that we normally say. The top of this glass greenhouse is covered with diffuse reflection glass, and the gutter is using aluminum alloy gutter. The hollow design of the aluminum alloy drainage ditch has the ability of heat insulation, and the life of the aluminum alloy is longer.
Aluminum alloy gutter glass greenhouse is currently the most advanced glass greenhouse in the world. The cost of the structural building part is between $58~$66/square meter (the single area is not less than 1500 square meters)
Different greenhouse structures have different advantages and disadvantages, and different glass greenhouses are suitable for different regions.
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