Wide Span Greenhouse
The main structure of wide span greenhouse is the hot-dip galvanized light steel skeleton, covering the material is glass or PC board, according to the needs of customers or crops equipped with the natural ventilation, fan and wet curtain, heating system, irrigation, fertilization, fill light, automatic control system.

The wide span greenhouse have higher top, elegant appearance, can effectively reduce the greenhouse condensation on the impact of crops. If using glass as the cover material, the greenhouse has better light transmission rate, good heating speed, bright and beautiful.

If use PC board as covering board, PC board greenhouse have following features:

♦Have the best impact resistance in all covering materials, 200 times higher than the glass, 8 times higher than the acrylic plate
♦Under very high temperature, PC board material only melt does not expand, have a good flame retardance
♦Will not break in installation, strong adaptability and safety
♦Good anti-condensation, good insulation performance

Main Size:
Greenhouse Span 8m  9.6m  10.8m  12m  16m
Bay Width 3m  4m  4.5m  5m  8m
Greenhouse Height 4m - 8m
scientific research greenhouse, high-grade flower cultivation greenhouse, seed breeding greenhouse and so on.