Solar PV Greenhouse
Solar PV greenhouse is a set of solar photovoltaic power generation, intelligent temperature control system, modern high-tech cultivation as one efficient intelligent greenhouse. The main structure of the greenhouse is made of hot-dip galvanized steel skeleton. The top of the solar PV module can meet the solar photovoltaic power generation and greenhouse lighting needs. Solar photovoltaic power generation can support the greenhouse irrigation system, the plant to fill light, solve greenhouse heating needs in winter, improve greenhouse temperature, and promote the rapid growth of crops.

♦Install the solar panels on the top of greenhouse, the greenhouse will have a power generation function to make full use of solar energy.
♦Power generation and agricultural production carry on at the same time can save the land resources.
♦Prevent wind and reduce evaporation, desert and arid areas can be protected under the conditions of arable land.
♦Achieve a variety of greenhouse usage, in addition to power supply and agricultural production, it can also be used in life, breeding and other fields.

According to the skeleton structure it can be divided into solar photovoltaic heliogreenhouse and solar photovoltaic multi-span greenhouse.

According to the degree of shading can be divided into all shade solar greenhouse and part of shade solar greenhouse.

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