Greenhouse Structure & Components
Greenhouse skeleton materials are mainly divided into bamboo, reinforced concrete, structural steel, aluminum profiles and other materials. Bamboo skeleton refers to bamboo, bamboo, logs and other wood materials as the greenhouse roof beams or indoor columns and other bearing structure. Reinforced concrete skeleton refers to the use of reinforced concrete components as the greenhouse roof structure, reinforced concrete components as the indoor column. Steel structure skeleton refers to the steel bar, steel pipe, steel plate or shape steel and other steel materials as the main body of the greenhouse structure. Aluminum alloy profile skeleton refers to the greenhouse bearing structure are made of aluminum alloy material, roof load-bearing components are the aluminum alloy profiles, but the support of the roof beams, trusses, columns and other steel structures are still used steel structure. As the new building materials continue to appear, the use of these new materials to make the structure of the greenhouse is also emerging, such as glass fiber reinforced cement skeleton greenhouse, steel and plastic composite greenhouse.
At present, the commonly used greenhouse skeleton is steel structure skeleton. Steel bar, steel pipe, steel plate and shape steel through hot galvanized treatment will get a good anti-moisture and anti-corrosive character. Steel structure of high strength, long life using, high space utilization and attractive appearance is the ideal material of modern greenhouse.

The main greenhouse components are joint pipe, coping spring, latch groove, snap spring, film pressed clip, film pressed tape, film roller, curtain line, Pull curtain motor, rack stop, pipe clamp, bracing piece, U-shaped clamp, support frame, Embedded piece steel anchor etc.

We manufacture different kind of Welded pipe, Seamless steel pipe, Galvanized pipe, Rectangular steel tube, Rectangular steel pipe truss and Galvanized square tube. Angle steel, Galvanized steel channel, Steel Waling, Door type scaffolding, Iron wire, Nails and a variety of customized processing services. 

Sunmax always use high quality hot-dip galvanizing steel pipe and components, the zinc adhesion amount is more than 490g/square, the thickness is more than 70mic, we guarantee our greenhouse steel structure and components using period is more than 20 years.