Greenhouse Covering Material
The main greenhouse covering materials are greenhouse plastic film, tempered glass, shade screen, PC sheet, insect net, heat preservation quilt.

The greenhouse plastic film with the features of low prices, easy to use, improving crop growth, so it can rapidly develop in the market. At present, thin film products for greenhouse are manly divided into PO film, PE film and EVA film.

PO is the short term of the word polyolefin, usually refers to the polymer of ethylene, propylene or higher olefins. Among them, ethylene (PE) and propylene (PP) is the most important.
PO film is a new type of plastic film with the use of advanced olefins raw materials and other additives, using the technic of external spraying drying process. PO film has below advantages compared with traditional PE film and EVA film.
1. Excellent Transparency: The PO film use advanced olefin raw materials, it has low haze and high transparency. So that the morning light transmission rate is high, the scattering rate is low, the greenhouse will be heating up quickly in the morning.
2. Super strong anti-fog, anti-drip capacity: The use of anti-fog spray coating drying treatment can inhibit the fog generated, eliminate fog drops period can equal to the plastic film usage life.
3. Strengthen the insulation properties: The use of special high-tech organic insulation agent inside the fim make most of the infrared radiation reflect back into the greenhouse, it control the heat loss effectively. The PO film ensure the crop growth temperature at night, shortening the maturity and effectively prevent the night temperature drop caused by frost damage to crops.
4. Long life: The use of high-tech antioxidants and light stabilizer greatly extended the life of the plastic film, the normal use can reach more than 3 years.
5. Super tensile strength: The PO film has a strong tensile strength and tear strength.
6. Anti-static, non-stick dust: The use of nano-technology, four-tier structure, surface anti-static treatment, no precipitation. It doesn’t easy to adsorb dust to achieve long-term high light transmission effect.

Greenhouse glass also named horticulture glass, which usually use clear or low iron toughened glass. A toughened glass greenhouse is the perfect choice for many greenhouse gardeners where the greenhouse may be exposed to high winds.
※High light transmittance gives the plant more light and vigorous growth.
※The extra weight in toughened glass gives your greenhouse much greater resistance to high winds and will avoid your greenhouse frame moving and twisting.
※Toughened greenhouse glass is produced from normal cut glass through a high temperature furnace which heats up the outside of the glass very quickly, creating tension on the surface that hardens the glass.
※A greenhouse with safety glass is safer for your business when it exposed to adverse weather conditions.
Our tempered greenhouse glass advantage:
※Low iron glass 100ppm 4mm light transmittance 91%+
※Normal clear float glass 500ppm light transmittance 89.0%+
※Functional AR &Diffusing light transmittance 97%+
※Glass Type: Flat or Patterned glass Clear or low iron
※Processing: Cutting, Edge treated, Toughened, White Ceramic glass
※Packing: End Cap or A frame
AR Excellent transmittance of light:
After its antireflection process, double AR Coated Glass increase the transmittance of visible light to 97.5% from 91.5%, which results in 15% increase in the amount of light in the greenhouse.
AR Diffusion of light:
The glass changed the direct sunlight to diffused one when it is passing through the greenhouse, which can reduce the radiation intensity of sunlight and decrease the photoinhibition from plants.
Specifics of AR coated greenhouse low iron glass:
※Thickness: 4mm&5mm
※Size available: Maximal to 2500mm x 1680mm
※Patterns: Nashiji, Matt-Matt
※Transmittance: >=97.5% (ISO9050/2003)99.2%(NEN2675)
※Hemispherical radiation: 89.2%, 91.5%(NEN2675)
※Iron content: <=120ppmFe2O3
※Density: 2.5g/cc

Shade Screen
The purpose of shade screens is to regulate the climate in the greenhouse better. This can be achieved by ‘screening out’ certain weather factors on the outside of the greenhouse. Excluding sunlight ensures lower insolation and a lower temperature in the greenhouse. Also, through reduction in the cooling load, lower electricity consumption can be achieved. The roof vents can stay closed longer, which leads to improved CO2 concentrations.

Sunmax’s push-pull system is driven by steel rack and pinions and steel push-pull rods, resulting in reduced forces on the greenhouse walls compared to other pull-wire systems. This is an especial advantage when multiple screens are used.
Sunmax’s shade screens comply entirely with today’s high demands and have a long service life. Our professional method of working ensures erection without gaps so the screen does not let through any light. You as a grower can use your shade screen to determine day lengths, independent of the sunshine outside.

Greenhouse heat preservation quilt is made of super strength and high insulation new materials. It is multi-layer composite processing, with features of light, waterproof, anti-aging, thermal insulation, reflective far infrared, long life, good insulation effect, easy to store and more. This is the ideal product for greenhouse insulation. It is driven by steel rack and pinions and steel push-pull rods to ensure opening and closing with high speed.