Energy Saving Sunlight Greenhouse
Energy saving sunlight greenhouse use simple facilities, make full use of solar energy, and generally not heated in winter of vegetable cultivation in the cold areas. Sunlight greenhouse has distinctive Chinese characteristics, is our unique facilities. The structure of the sunlight greenhouse is not exact same in different areas. According to the wall material difference, there are  rammed earth greenhouse, masonry structure greenhouse, composite structure greenhouse. According to the length of the rear roof, there are long rear slope greenhouse and short rear slope greenhouse. According to the front roof form, there are two folds, three folds, arch round, small arch and so on. According to the material structure, there are bamboo structure, steel and wood structure, reinforced concrete structure, all steel structure, all steel reinforced concrete structure, suspension structure, hot-dip galvanized steel pipe assembly structure.


According to the cover material is divided into: single layer film, double film, PC board greenhouse

According to the skeleton structure is divided into: hot-dip galvanized steel pipe welding, hot-dip galvanized steel pipe assembly, shape steel pipe assembly


Greenhouse Span 8m  10m  12m  14m
Bay width 0.75m  1m  1.5m  2m
Greenhouse Height 4m - 8m


Sunlight greenhouse has good insulation performance, energy-saving effect is obvious, good lighting and fast heating. The large span no column structure has large space and high land use efficiency.

Application: suitable for vegetable and fruit in mass cultivation