Cooling Pad&Fan System
The cooling pad & fan system is one of the best-known forms of evaporation cooling, and it is widely used to cool greenhouses especially in southern countries, where the outdoor humidity is often low.

Cooling pad is installed on one side of the greenhouse. The cooling pad usually use special honeycomb cardboard and backwater tank combinated. On the other side of the greenhouse install the fan. The higher temperature air go out by the fan rotation and make air cooling through the wet curtain cooling system. Wet curtain fan cooling is the most advanced greenhouse cooling system, not only have good cooling effect, but also can improve the greenhouse air humidity, it is conducive to crop growth.

Method of this system:
1.       The dry exterior air is humidified by means of a pad wall.
2.       The humidified air absorbs part of the heat in the greenhouse.
3.       The saturated hot air is extracted from the greenhouse with fans.