Arched Multi-Span Greenhouse
The main structure of arched greenhouse is the hot-dip galvanized light steel, covering material can be PC sheet or PO film. According to the needs of customers or crops need to configure out the natural ventilation, fan and cooling pad, heating system, irrigation, fertilization, lighting, automatic control and other systems.

Arched PC board greenhouse have simple structure and less consumption of steel. If use PC board as covering material can use a long time and have good insulation properties. The excellent impact resistance can withstand the impact of hail.

The double arch film greenhouse has the advantages of simple and practical structure, low consumption of steel and low cost. The structure of shape steel can effectively reduce the influence of moisture condensation on crops. The two film space will form a thick air bag, it can prevent the loss of heat and prevent the intrusion of cold air effectively. Surrounded material can use polycarbonate plate, float glass, film and so on. Good insulation effect, low winter operating costs, suitable for the cold region.

Arched single-layer greenhouse has simple structure, low consumption of steel, low cost, good insulation properties.

Arched Greenhouse Size:
Greenhouse Span 8m  9m  9.6m10.8m, 12m
Bay Width 3m  4m  4.5m  5m
Greenhouse Hight 3m - 8m


♦The film arched greenhouse can get the maximum sun light for the plant growing
♦Three-layer co-extrusion technology make the outer surface of the PO film to form a smooth surface, it can prevent the dust accumulation

♦The coating on the inner surface of the film solve the moisture condensation effectively in the greenhouse
♦The double arch film can greatly improve the greenhouse insulation performance and save operating costs


Suitable for all kinds of flowers, vegetables, fruits large-scale cultivation, hydroponics planting and garden center market.