Wisdom agriculture

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Update time : 2017-09-24 10:34:45

Wisdom agriculture is the wisdom of agriculture in the economy, or the wisdom of economic form in the specific performance of agriculture. Wisdom agriculture is an important part of the wisdom of the economy; for developing countries, the wisdom of agriculture is the main component of the wisdom of the economy, the eradication of poverty in developing countries to achieve the advantages of late development, economic development come from behind to achieve the main way to catch up with the strategy The

Wisdom agriculture is the use of Internet of Things technology to traditional agriculture, the use of sensors and software through mobile platforms or computer platforms to control agricultural production, so that traditional agriculture more "wisdom." In addition to precision perception, control and decision management, in a broad sense, intelligent agriculture also includes agricultural e-commerce, food traceability, agricultural leisure tourism, agricultural information services and other aspects.

The so-called "wisdom agriculture" is the full application of modern information technology achievements, integrated application of computer and network technology, Internet of things technology, audio and video technology, 3S technology, wireless communication technology and expert wisdom and knowledge to achieve agricultural visual remote diagnosis, remote control, Early warning and other intelligent management.

Wisdom agriculture is the advanced stage of agricultural production, is a collection of emerging Internet, mobile Internet, cloud computing and Internet of Things technology as a whole, relying on the deployment of agricultural production site in a variety of sensor nodes (ambient temperature and humidity, soil moisture, carbon dioxide, And intelligent communication, intelligent analysis, expert online guidance, for agricultural production to provide precision planting, visual management, intelligent decision-making.

"Smart agriculture" is a cloud computing, sensor network, 3S and other information technology in agriculture in a comprehensive, comprehensive application, to achieve a more complete information technology support, more thorough agricultural information perception, more centralized data resources, more Extensive interoperability, more in-depth intelligent control, more intimate public service. "Wisdom agriculture" and modern biotechnology, planting technology and other high-tech integration in one, the construction of world-level agriculture is of great significance.

Application areas

Agricultural production environment monitoring
The temperature, humidity, light, gas concentration, soil moisture and conductivity are collected in real time through a large number of sensor nodes arranged in farmland, greenhouse, garden and other target areas. Agricultural production personnel can analyze the environment through the monitoring data, so that targeted agricultural production materials, and according to the need to mobilize a variety of implementation of equipment, thermostat, dimming, ventilation and other actions to achieve the agricultural growth environment of intelligence control.

Food safety
The use of technology, the construction of agricultural products traceability system, through the efficient and reliable identification of agricultural products and production and processing environment monitoring, to achieve agricultural product tracking, inventory function, the effective full quality control to ensure the safety of agricultural products. Internet of things through the production, processing, circulation, consumption of all aspects of the whole process to achieve strict control, so that users can quickly understand the food production environment and process, so as to provide a completely transparent food supply chain show, to ensure high quality assured to the community Food, enhance the user's confidence in food safety, and to protect the interests of legitimate operators to enhance the brand of agricultural products can be traced.