What are the main factors affecting the cost of glass greenhouses

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Author : sunmax greenhouse
Update time : 2023-04-15 11:33:36
What are the main factors affecting the cost of glass greenhouses

The glass greenhouse is one of the most commonly constructed greenhouses at present. When friends from different regions inquire about greenhouse issues, they are most concerned about the cost of glass greenhouses. But it is the same type, and the quotations for glass greenhouses of the same material range from more than 300 to more than 600, which is very confusing. So today, Sunmax Grenhouse will briefly analyze several major factors that affect the cost of glass greenhouses.
1. Skeleton material of glass greenhouse
For glass greenhouses with the same style, same span, bay, and column height, the frame material specifications used in tropical regions and cold regions are completely different. For example, for a glass greenhouse with a span of 12 meters and a bay of 8 meters, there is no problem with the main column of 100*100*3.0 in the tropical area, but at least 120*120*3.5 in the cold zone. There are also truss beams that can be used in tropical areas with a height of 50*50*2.0, and materials with a thickness of at least 2.2 or larger in cold regions. In this way, the light skeleton of the glass greenhouse will have a difference of about 20 yuan.
Second, the height of the column
The column height of 4 meters and the column height of 6 meters affect not only the price of column materials. There are also surrounding covering glass and aluminum alloy profiles, surrounding beams and other materials. Another very important thing is the installation cost. The installation cost of glass greenhouses in the industry increases by 10 yuan per square meter for every increase in column height. Therefore, the height of the column will vary from about 30 yuan to 40 yuan.

3. The construction area of the glass greenhouse
The construction area of the glass greenhouse is mainly because the surrounding covering materials account for a large proportion of the total cost of the glass greenhouse. The price of the top cover of the glass greenhouse and the supporting system are not much different. Suppose we use a glass greenhouse of 36m*24m=864 square meters and a glass greenhouse of 108m*56m=6048 square meters to calculate the respective proportions of the surrounding covering materials. Assuming that the column height of the glass greenhouse is 6 meters, the cost of the surrounding glass and aluminum profiles is 80 yuan per square meter.
Calculation of the unit price of glass around 864 square meters: (36+24)×2×6m=720㎡×80 yuan/㎡=57600 yuan ÷864㎡=66.7 yuan/㎡
Calculation of glass unit price around 6048 square meters: (108+56)×2×6m=1968㎡×80 yuan/㎡=157440÷6048㎡=26 yuan/㎡
All glass greenhouses with the same material specifications and sizes cost only 40 yuan per square meter depending on the area.