The harm of the bad quality greenhouse

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Update time : 2017-09-14 14:08:38
1 The harm of the greenhouse is poor

The main heat of the greenhouse comes from solar radiation, when the outside temperature is too low, the solar radiation is not enough to meet the crop growth needs, you need to take effective measures to heat the greenhouse. But heating virtually increases the greenhouse production costs, if the way to choose the wrong, but also cause a certain degree of environmental pollution. In addition, the greenhouse not only to heat up, need to cool, if the curtain curtain system airtight damage, but also to the greenhouse production impact. At present, the greenhouse energy consumption is high, so to ensure that the greenhouse structure and the air tightness of the facilities to reduce energy consumption, reduce production costs is particularly important.

2 common "running air leakage" parts and preventive measures

● Greenhouse door
Greenhouse door is the staff, vehicles, means of production and product access channel, its layout is reasonable and directly affect the greenhouse insulation effect. Therefore, the structure of the greenhouse door must be rigorous, strong, strong part of the link should be sealed, there can not be gaps. To this end, you can set the double door way to ensure that the greenhouse seal. Plastic greenhouses and solar greenhouses can also be hanging outside the grass or insulation, the multi-span greenhouse can be used "four sealed" structure, and the use of air barrier tape and coating, to improve the door of the airtight, watertight and insulation performance.

● Ventilation cooling system
Ventilation system in the greenhouse can adjust the temperature and humidity in the control room, providing the plant with the suitable growth environment. Usually the ventilation system in the greenhouse can be divided into natural ventilation and forced ventilation. Natural ventilation that is through the open side of the greenhouse side windows, skylights or directly open the greenhouse greenhouse film and other methods, the use of indoor and outdoor temperature differences or wind pressure, to achieve indoor and outdoor air convection. Forced ventilation that is through the start of the fan and other equipment to force the air inside and outside the greenhouse convection, adjust the indoor temperature and humidity. As a result of the internal and external air exchange, ventilation cooling system is also the greenhouse "run the wind" one of the sources. Therefore, the greenhouse ventilation cooling system must use a good material and sophisticated control and operating system, between the sash is also applied seal seal. Daylight greenhouse should pay attention to the interface of the material covering the interface and the production process of the film, from time to time to check and replace the damaged place in order to ensure the indoor environment is stable, in order to achieve more precise control. In addition, the need to increase the airtight equipment such as fans, the production can be filled in the fan inside the polystyrene insulation board and other insulation materials to ensure indoor insulation, or in the cold weather when the plastic film or quilts on permanent fixed The wet curtain fan cover tightly, effectively prevent the heat loss in the greenhouse.

● Pull curtain system
Greenhouse curtain curtain system is divided into the curtain system and outside the curtain system, is to adjust the greenhouse temperature, light, humidity, the main facilities and energy saving an important means. In the case of poor sealing of the curtain system, temperature control, humidity regulation, energy saving and other functions will be greatly reduced or even impossible to achieve. The tightness of the curtain system is mainly affected by the material and system, the material in different temperature and humidity environment to form a different degree of shrinkage, will lead to the formation of cracks between the curtains. In addition, the current greenhouse is not fixed or a high degree of difference between the larger and other issues, will also cause cracks between the curtains. Therefore, in the selection of the curtain to pay attention to the curtain material heat shrinkage, anti-aging and weaving structure of the flat. Usually the material at ambient temperature of 65 ℃ under the conditions of heat shrinkage should be less than 2%, while the weaving structure should be flat, the screen surface without visible cracks and the surface of the "drum". In addition, the need to improve the synchronization of the drive system, embodied in the drive side in the process of running on the neatness. Only through scientific design, carefully installed in order to ensure the system power transmission is reasonable, less resistance to the case of smooth operation, so as to ensure the tight curtain system, reduce greenhouse energy consumption.

● Cover material
Greenhouse is different from other buildings, one of the important reasons is the large area of ​​greenhouse use of a transparent cover material, and cover the material installation process and the sealing of the interface are directly affect the greenhouse insulation performance. Therefore, the installation, the need to arrange the installation process, carefully check the quality of steel, to confirm the qualified after the installation of aluminum, and according to the segmentation of aluminum to determine the size of each covering material size. The aluminum alloy is a mosaic and covering support member of the covering material, and its tight fit with the seal can increase the airtightness of the greenhouse. Production, the need to always detect the integrity of the cover material, timely repair or replacement of broken film, glass and sun panels, etc., for intelligent multi-span greenhouse, in the choice of covering materials, the need to use heat resistance, low energy consumption and High transmittance of the new energy-saving insulation materials.