The effective commercial greenhouse cooling system--evaporative cooling pad

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Update time : 2017-10-25 17:44:12
Wet curtain, also called evaporative cooling pad, with negative pressure fan can be applied to poultry farming, animal husbandry farming, greenhouse cultivation, gardening flower cultivation, industrial production and other indoor cooling humidification function.

Wet curtain is installed on the other side of the window, the air through the wet curtain evaporation, and then blown by the fan to the various corners, resulting in rapid decline in indoor temperature. Greenhouse structure and wet curtain must be perfect to play the maximum power of wet curtain
High-quality wet curtain does not contain easy to make skin allergic phenol and other chemical substances, the installation of non-toxic harmless to the human body, green, safe, energy saving, environmental protection and economy.
Wet curtain, the production process is probably sizing, drying, pressing corrugated, stereotypes, glue, curing, slicing, grinding, to taste and so on.

In the country, usually have wave height 5mm, 7mm and 9mm three, ripple for 60 ° × 30 ° staggered, 45 ° × 45 ° staggered opposing.

High-quality wet curtain with a new generation of polymer materials and space cross-linking technology, with high water absorption, high water resistance, anti-mildew, long life and other advantages. And evaporation than the surface, the cooling efficiency of 80% or more, without surfactants, natural water, the proliferation of fast, lasting performance. A drop of water 4 to 5 seconds to diffuse finished. International industry standard natural water absorption of 60 ~ 70mm / 5min or 200mm / 1.5hour.

First, the cooling system:
1, "wet curtain - negative pressure fan" cooling system is made of paper porous wet curtain, water circulation system, fan composition. Unsaturated air flows through the porous, moist wet curtain surface, a large number of water evaporation, the temperature reflected by the temperature of the sensible heat into the latent heat of evaporation, thereby reducing the temperature of the air itself. Fan ventilation will be cool through the wet curtain cool air into the indoor, so as to achieve the cooling effect.
2, wet curtain cooler cooling is the use of circulating water pump uninterrupted water to the water tray out, and through the cloth water system evenly sprayed on the evaporation filter layer, so that outdoor hot air through the evaporative heat exchanger (evaporation wet Curtain) with the water for heat exchange, through the evaporation of water to achieve cooling, cool, clean air by the low noise fan pressure into the room, in order to achieve cooling effect.
Second, the humidification system:
Wet curtain as a moisturizing medium, used for plantations, greenhouses and some other high humidity requirements of the special industry. As the wet curtain with water, water, diffusion speed, long-lasting performance characteristics, it is suitable for regulating indoor humidity.
Third, the filtration system:
Wet curtain also has a ventilated breathable and corrosion resistance, the air dust has an excellent filtering effect, is non-toxic and tasteless clean humidification, oxygen cooling environmental protection materials, it is also used as air purification and filtration media.

Wet curtain features:

1, a high degree of water absorption
2, evaporation and cooling efficiency
3, high strength, no deformation
4, suitable for positive and negative pressure device
5, durable
6, energy saving, environmental protection
7, easy to install


Poultry and animal husbandry: chicken farms, pig farms, cattle farms, livestock and poultry breeding
Greenhouse and horticulture: vegetable storage, seed house, flower planting, mushroom plantation and so on
Industrial cooling: factory cooling, industrial humidification, entertainment, pre-cooler, air handling unit, etc.


Evaporative cooling screens are very durable products. In order to ensure the longest life of the wet curtain and maintain the best effect, please use under the correct installation and use conditions.

Every day before shutting down the water, let the fan continue to turn for 30 minutes or even longer, so that the wet curtain completely dry before stopping, this will help prevent the growth of algae, so as to avoid blocking the pump, filter and cloth pipe. Algae can grow in any light, wet, bare surface, there are some suggestions to prevent its growth:
Do not use open pond water; water with better water; cover the water tank to prevent exposure to sunlight and dust in the air; cut off the water to allow the fan to run for a while; water self-sufficiency system and other System isolation; wet curtains to avoid direct sunlight.

Water quality

The pH of the circulating water is kept between 6-9 (pH 7 is pure water). PH value is too high or too low, will damage the wet curtain; hard water contains calcium carbonate precipitation on the wet curtain without damage, need to remain in a limited range of sodium chloride (soft water) concentration if more than (or about) 50000ppm, Will precipitate the salt material in the wet curtain so that it through the air flow reduced; in the circulating water salt concentration must be within 50000ppm, in the mixed water salt concentration must be within 40000ppm.


If the dust in the air tends to block the passage of air, the normal operation of the system can usually remove these obstacles. If necessary, use low-pressure steam jet or light paint. Do not use chemicals such as chlorine or other pungent odor to clean.

Proper water level

Do not spill water out of the system. If the water level is too high, the bottom of the wet curtain will always be soaked in water to become excess water, which will affect the medium's self-contained water system, shortening its service life.

Maintain drainage

With the constant evaporation of water and the new water constantly added, in the water cycle, salt and minerals are left behind. In order to reduce the formation of precipitation and scale, an automatic drainage device is required because the drainage rate is 5% to 10% of the evaporation rate and the evaporation rate is mainly determined by the hardness of water and the level of air pollution. The drainage rate in general operation should be 20% of the maximum evaporation rate under poor conditions.

So that the distribution of water on the wet curtain evenly, by regulating the water pump to control the water supply. Cleaning pool, pump inlet, filter and water pipes. Clear the dirt inside the water circulation system.

At the end of each quarter, drain all water pumps, sinks, water storage rooms, water in the wet curtains. If the remaining water in the system will accumulate precipitation and produce algae, the next time the re-use, will block the water pump, cloth pipe channel and the hole on the wet curtain.

Selection principle

The principle of selection of wet curtain size is to make the wet curtain system to achieve the best results. Usually in the flower production greenhouse is often used in 10 cm thick or 15 cm thick fibrous wet curtain. A 10 cm thick fibrous wet curtain works best when running through a wet curtain at an air speed of 76 m / min. 15 cm thick paper wet curtain requires an air speed of 122 m / min.

The choice of what kind of thickness of the wet curtain, in addition to considering the location of the geographical location, climate conditions, but also should see the greenhouse wet curtain and the distance between the fan and the temperature of the flower crop sensitivity. If the distance between the fan and the wet curtain is larger (usually more than 32 meters), it is recommended to use a 15 cm thick wet curtain; if the cultivated flowers are more sensitive to greenhouse temperature, poor tolerance to high temperature, it is recommended to use 15 cm thick Wet curtain. On the other hand, if the distance between the wet curtain and the fan in the greenhouse is small or the flower is less sensitive to temperature, a 10 cm thick wet curtain can be used.
From an economic point of view, 10 cm thick wet curtain price is less than 15 cm thick wet curtain, only the price of 2/3.

In addition, the wet curtain of the larger the better the size of the air inlet. Because the inlet size is too small will increase the static pressure, which greatly reduces the efficiency of the fan, increase power consumption.

1. After the pump stops for 30 minutes and then shut down the fan, make sure to dry the wet curtain thoroughly.
After the system stops running, check whether the water in the sink is drained and avoid the long dip of the wet curtain in the water.
2. wet curtain cleaning
Wet curtain surface scale and algae removal. After thoroughly drying the wet curtain, brush with a soft brush up and down to avoid cross brush. (Brush the part of the brush to see if the wet curtain is able to withstand the brush.) Then start the water supply system only, rinse the wet curtain surface scale and algae. (Avoid flushing wet curtains with steam or high pressure water).
Rodent control
In the season without the use of wet curtains, the rodent control can be sprayed by installing a rodent net or in the lower part of the wet curtain.
3. Water pipe cleaning
Open the plug at both ends, with an outer diameter of about 25 to insert the rubber hose, the other end of the tap water can be washed.
4. Pump if not for a period of time, should be placed in the water, running for 5 minutes, clean the pump inside and outside the mud, and then dry the rust-proof oil placed in a ventilated place.

For the use of wet curtain is not very understanding of friends are prone to some misunderstanding that the wet curtain and the fan is very cool natural indoor, while ignoring the greenhouse structure and the wet curtain must be perfect with the wet curtain to play the maximum power.
Wet curtain is installed on the other side of the window, the air through the wet curtain evaporation, and then blown by the fan to the various corners, resulting in rapid decline in indoor temperature. Greenhouse structure and wet curtain must be perfect with the wet curtain to play the maximum power.
Wet curtain is installed on the other side of the window, the air through the wet curtain evaporation, and then blown from the fan to the various corners, resulting in rapid decline in indoor temperature

To combine negative pressure fans

Water curtain fan is a ventilation cooling equipment to be combined with the use of negative pressure fan, so the cooling effect will be more effective. This is why? Negative pressure fan is mainly the use of air convection, negative pressure ventilation cooling principle, from the installation site to the door or the window naturally inhaled fresh air, the indoor hot air quickly forced out of the outdoor, while the water curtain fan cooling system is From the paper porous wet curtain, water circulation system, fan composition.