How to choose venlo commercial greenhouse roof covering material

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Update time : 2017-10-20 16:38:49
There's two kind of velon-type multi-span greenhouse roof covering material, first one is glass, the second is the PC sun panels. Although the top of the Greenhouse can also be installed on the top of the greenhouse, but such a high-end greenhouse if it is too appropriate in accordance with the film. Moreover, the film can be used in thin-film multi-span greenhouse, the film has a dedicated greenhouse skeleton.
Today we mainly talk about glass and PC sun panels, is also more common greenhouse roof covering materials. We mainly through the following aspects to analyze the difference between the two:
① translucent
In the wavelength range of 330nm ~ 4000nm band clean glass transmittance can reach about 90%, and the incident light is basically the main direct. The proportion of scattered light is very small, less than 10%, excellent light transmission performance. This is also the biggest main advantage of glass. PC sunshine plate light transmittance between 75% -85%, excellent quality of the PC sun panels can reach about 80%, while the poor quality of the PC sunshine plate its light transmittance may only reach 75%, or even lower.
② insulation
Glass is almost no more than 4000nm long-wave radiation, the indoor surface of the long-wave radiation can be blocked by the glass roof indoors. Indoor to the outdoor loss of less heat, and thus good insulation effect.
Although the glass insulation performance is very good, but the PC sun board insulation performance better, because the PC sun is a hollow structure, excellent insulation properties. Wen Luo-type greenhouses original greenhouse greenhouse with glass, then the general must use a single layer of tempered glass (top with double-layer glass can not do the top of the electric window, and no matching aluminum), single-layer glass insulation Performance or lower than the PC hollow sunboard insulation performance. Surrounded by a single layer can also be used double hollow, and surrounded by the price of hollow float glass is relatively high, if the double glass re-steel, then the cost is even higher.
③ drop resistance
Glass surface of the hydrophilic is good, anti-droplet ability. Thermal expansion and contraction coefficient is low, the structural coefficient is reliable. Good quality of the PC sun board should be added anti-droplet performance, which can reduce the drip in the multi-span greenhouse.
④ service life
Because of the low transmittance of ultraviolet light, good anti-aging performance, high transmittance retention rate, service life of up to 25 years. PC sun board life by the impact of quality in 5 - 10 years or so, some irresponsible manufacturers may also produce 3 years of PC sun panels. This is also the biggest advantage of the glass relative to the PC sun panels, so many builders are willing to use glass at the top without using the PC sun panels.
⑤ investment costs
Used in the greenhouse at the top of the glass is generally 5mm tempered glass, according to its negative difference in size, the price range of 30-35 yuan. The same price of the PC sun panels can only use 5-8 years, although the price of the glass itself is relatively low, but the fixed glass with a relatively high cost of aluminum, so the overall cost down or the top of the glass with the high cost of the multi-storey greenhouse.
⑥ weight
Glass density (2500kg / m 3), to 5mm glass, for example, its weight is 12.5Kg / ㎡. Such a large weight, strict requirements on the skeleton load. And because of the poor impact resistance of glass and fragile, so in the greenhouse installation process, the need for anti-aging flexible mosaic materials to strengthen the glass's impact resistance.
The weight of the PC sun panels is 1.5Kg / ㎡, almost one-tenth of the weight of the glass, so the PC sun panels as the top cover material of the multi-span greenhouse with the main skeleton steel is relatively small. So the PC sunshine board multi-storey greenhouses combined costs are lower than the multi-storey glass greenhouse.