How to choose glass greenhouse roof covering material

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Update time : 2017-10-30 10:26:27
The top of the Venlo greenhouse generally covers 5mm single-layer tempered glass or double-layer hollow sun panels. But why not use double hollow tempered glass? Double-layer hollow tempered glass compared to 5mm single-layer tempered glass insulation effect is much better, compared to double-layer hollow sunshine plate, the light transmission rate is 10% higher.

First, the greenhouse skeleton structure

The first reason is glass greenhouse structure of the skeleton. Glass Greenhouse as an agricultural facility, we first consider the cost of its economy, convenience and practicality. After years of development, glass greenhouse has gradually eliminated the original heavy steel H-beam structure, and gradually developed into a light steel structure of the skeleton. Light steel structure of the skeleton due to the flexibility of its processing and installation and hot galvanized skeleton has a strong corrosion resistance, is very suitable for agricultural high temperature and humidity environment. But the current standard glass greenhouse load at 30KN / M2, which is the load per square meter in about 30kg. The commonly used 5 +9 +5 double-layer hollow glass of the weight of 25kg / square meter, its own weight basically reached its load.

Second, the greenhouse economy
Can we increase the structural strength of the skeleton to increase the load of the glass greenhouse skeleton? Of course yes, but as an agricultural production greenhouse focus is cost-effective. Because of the increase in the load of the skeleton, it is necessary to strengthen all the structures from the main column, truss beams, sinks (gutter), chevron beams, fittings and so on. For the northern cold region, it is necessary to want the glass greenhouse greenhouse beauty, large space, but also want good insulation. We do not choose the top of the use of double-layer hollow glass, you can also choose to add a layer of internal insulation system.

Third, the safety of the greenhouse
Even the double glass has been tempered, but we can not test the tempered effect of each piece of glass. In which the overweight load, in the face of Blizzard weather will reduce the safety factor of the greenhouse.

Therefore, SUNMAX GREENHOUSE suggested that use double-layer hollow sun panels or single-layer tempered glass as glass greenhouse roof covering material.