HortEx Vietnam2018: Vietnam's facility agriculture market is getting a lot of attention.

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Update time : 2018-05-07 19:42:57

The first Vietnam international fruits and vegetables and flower garden exhibition was held at the Saigon convention and exhibition center (SECC) in ho chi minh city, Vietnam, from March 14 to 16, 2018. It was the first garden and flower show in Vietnam.More than 100 companies from China, France, Germany, Israel, the Netherlands, Spain and the United States participated in the exhibition.

The exhibition is divided into two main themes: fruits, vegetables and flowers.Exhibition, the exhibitors exhibits the seeds (miao), matrix, gardening supplies greenhouse, greenhouse structure, new materials, cover material, greenhouse heating and lighting system, greenhouse climate control system, irrigation water equipment and plant protection technology, product after recovery, sorting, packaging, transportation, agricultural products processing and marketing agricultural (especially the facility agriculture) each link of the equipment and advanced technology.Among them, there are 14 greenhouse enterprises, 5 irrigation enterprises, 4 plastic film enterprises, 7 seed (seed ball) enterprises and 3 water system enterprises.At the exhibition, there are many large international enterprises, such as Rijk Zwaan, Enza Zaden, Ludvig Svensson, etc.There are seven companies on the Chinese mainland, mainly including greenhouse construction, greenhouse equipment, horticultural supplies, hydroponics and other aspects.

Emerging industries

Vietnam, a traditional agricultural country with 92 million people, is an emerging market.Exports of fruit and vegetables have grown strongly in Vietnam over the past few years, growing at an average annual rate of 26.5%.Exports rose from $439 million in 2009 to $3.5 billion in 2017.At the same time, flowers play an important role in Vietnamese culture.February's lunar New Year (the same day as the Chinese New Year), international women's day (March 8) and various other (religious) celebrations are the foundation of domestic flower consumption.And the middle class and per capita income are increasing, and the ability of people to consume fruits and vegetables and flowers is growing.The sector is expected to grow further due to strong export and domestic demand.

The status quo of Vietnamese facilities and agriculture.

In Vietnam, fruits and vegetables were planted with the most area (90.8 million hm2), followed by ornamental crops (34978hm2), flowers (22671.9hm2) and trees and potted landscapes (12306.2hm2).Vietnam many greenhouse concentration distribution in lam dong da lat city and surrounding areas, according to statistics, in 2017 da lat greenhouse planting area of 3791 hm2 city and surrounding areas, the main planting flowers, but in recent years, the greenhouse vegetable planting area also began to rise.The current plastic greenhouse is relatively simple, and the planting level is not high.

Crop upgrading

The development of agriculture based on high and new technology is very important for Vietnam's agricultural sector to achieve high quality, high added value and global competitiveness.And Vietnam horticulture is escalating in recent years, gradually from traditional agricultural outdoor production to conservation tillage, the application of greenhouse technology, accurate and automatic irrigation, crop management computer system.In addition, better varieties of flowers and vegetables are being developed by post-harvest techniques.

To boost the development of high-tech agriculture, the government has even announced that it will provide 100 trillion yuan ($4.4 billion) of funds, an unprecedented advantage.But the department cannot take full advantage of the lack of awareness of the importance of managerial, scientific, and productive talent.

So Vietnam's agricultural and rural development, the United Kingdom of the Netherlands embassy in Vietnam, lintong tourist trade and investment promotion center (TIPC), Vietnam, fruit and vegetable association (VinaFruit), da lat association held HortExVietnam2018 flowers, aiming to serve the rapid development and great prospect of industry all the links.We should strengthen the valuable contact with customers and partners, explore the potential of the market, strengthen the knowledge exchange between enterprises, and build a bridge between foreign companies and Vietnam.

Extension of industrial chain

And the industrial chain is constantly extending.For example, there can be many improvements in post-harvest processing and refrigeration.Flowers produced from facilities are usually transported in boxes after harvest without any treatment or refrigeration.So, when you arrive at your destination, you tend to get damaged.Therefore, in order to promote the development of the whole industry, not only the farmers, but also the cultivation of the end, and the whole industry chain to carry on the knowledge exchange and cooperation.

In a word, human factors are very important in the whole gardening and agricultural chain.Fortunately, through the cooperation and communication with other growers knowledge to enhance the consciousness of industry chain is forming, the exhibition for the industry provides a good opportunity for all aspects of the exchanges and cooperation.

Cooperation and communication

The meeting is to promote the Vietnam facility vegetable with the further development of flower industry, meeting not only set up international horticulture products bridge between suppliers and local suppliers, has strengthened the Vietnam growers and international exchanges between planting industry professionals.The participation of local and international companies and research institutes also highlights the potential development of the Vietnamese horticulture and flower industry, which will bring new opportunities and impetus to the development of Vietnamese facilities and agriculture.

At the same time, a seminar was held to introduce the current market situation of Vietnamese flower industry, and the potential and development direction of horticulture and flower industry in Vietnam.The application of high - tech agriculture in production, sustainable production and water resource management, agricultural automation solution, new agriculture in Asia, and nutrient liquid membrane vegetable production technology are discussed.The participants better understand the current situation of agricultural development in Vietnamese facilities and strengthen the exchange of high and new technology in the industry.

It is understood that the next HortExVietnam will be held at the Saigon convention and exhibition center (SECC) in ho chi minh city from March 13 to 15, 2019.Based on the size and status of the exhibition in 2018, the organizers are expected to double in size in 2019, hoping to become one of the most important events in the region.