Glass greenhouse building points

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Update time : 2017-09-08 13:53:16
At present, the glass greenhouse on the market is very popular with the owners of commercial greenhouse planter, but everyone in the choice of ecological park standards and configuration will be more at a loss. Because the different specifications of the glass greenhouse use and cost different, the use of the region is not the same. Today Sunmax will discuss the glass greenhouse structure, we hope you can choose your own greenhouse.

First of all, a glass greenhouse components include: the main skeleton part, the surrounding and the top covering system, the outer shade system, the greenhouse internal shade system, the top window ventilation system, water curtain forced cooling system, curtain window system, heating system The

Main skeleton part

The size and design of the material used in the glass greenhouse skeleton is different from the load of the greenhouse. At present the mainstream of the temperate greenhouse span of 9.6m and 12m points. The height of the pillars ranges from 4 meters to 6 meters. The main column specifications are 120 × 120 × 3.0 and 100 × 100 × 3.0 points. The upper and lower sides of the truss beams are generally 50 x 50 x 2.0 square tubes or 60 x 80 x 2.0 square tubes. Northeast and northwest snow areas can use large points of material, southern and Henan, Jiangsu, Shandong use of the use of a little material no problem.

Around and the top covering material

Surrounded by the North if the proposed use of 4 +9 +4 or 5 +6 +5 double insulating glass, thermal insulation performance. If the South can choose a single layer of hollow glass on the line. The top of the glass greenhouse can cover a single layer of tempered glass, but the word beam must be one meter to ensure that the glass load. If the top covers the sunboard, the word beam can make 2 meters. The sunboard has 8mm hollow and 10mm hollow, but must choose the regular manufacturers with anti-UV anti-aging UV coating and droplets to eliminate fog.
The choice of supporting equipment

Greenhouse supporting the system, have their own use. Sunmax suggested that you do not want to save money and to sum up (or consult the greenhouse when the manufacturers, the other simply do not give you recommend these supporting systems, so that they down the offer), but if you built later found missing It is too late to install these systems.